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entries friends calendar profile A Concise Record of Andy's Life
A Concise Record of Andy's Life
This entry is posted way way into the future, so it's always on top for people who browse directly to my blog's page.  Actual entries are right below this one!  Doing it this way has the added effect of not stinking up people's friends pages.

Pretty much every post I make is Friend-locked now, so you need to be logged into a LJ account to see it, and I need to have friended that account.  Accounts are free to make, and I'm not really picky about who I friend -- though generally I won't friend coworkers; you know, professionality and all.  I've just found, as time's passed, that it's a lot easier to write when I don't have to be concerned with the minor fact that the set of all the people who could possibly ever read a post I write is "everyone on the planet".

So, if you care (and I wouldn't; my blog is not terribly interesting -- but if you do), then make sure you are logged into your LJ account when reading.
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